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About Us

Licensed and insured Florida Private Investigations Agency.

A leading, fully licensed and insured Florida Private Investigations Agency. We specialize in infidelity cases, child custody and more.

We provide our clients with facts and a peace of mind.

Agency License # A 1500235


Member of:


  • FALI (Florida Association of Licensed Investigators)
  • TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators)
  • CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators)
  • NAMEC (Certified Missing and Exploited Child Investigator)
  • SRT (Special Response Team) for NAMEC
  • NCISS (National Council of Investigation and Security Services)
  • FAPI (Florida Association of Licensed Investigators)
  • JAC (Justice Administrative Commission)
  • ip-hub (International Protection Hub)



We are comprised of experienced, high skilled professional investigators with a penchant for knowing how and where to look. Planning, implementing and progress is our goal. Our services include but are not limited to the following support tools:

  • Internet Mining/Social Media Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Profile Investigations
  • Database Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Locate Services
  • Medical Canvasses
  • Activity Checks
  • Alive and Well Checks
  • Subject Snapshot Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations (inmate interviews)
  • EUO (Examination Under Oath)
  • Lie Detector 
  • Bug Sweeps
  • Unmanned Surveillance  (Have the ability to obtain and document every and all activities without a person present. Video obtained come with time and date stamp on them. All devices are installed in a benign object. We also have auto trackers available.) 
  • Bank Searches
  • Employment Search and more. 

Florida Private Investigations specializing in infidelity, child custody, and all domestic cases.

Jacksonville,  Ocala, Gainesville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa,  Sarasota, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples and more.


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Detectives Privado 

Investigaciones privadas de Florida que se especializan en infidelidad, custodia de menores y todos los casos domésticos.